Vehicle Maintenance and Uninversal Joints

Vehicles require constant care to keep them going. With periodic maintenance and timely repair, their performance will suffer and their service life will be reduced. Car owners in Birmingham can send their units to the neighbourhood mechanic whenever they notice something that is out of the ordinary. This is especially important for people who use their vehicle to drive every day to and from work. Even small issues can lead to big headaches if they are ignored for a long time. The following are examples of the common car repair issues around the city

Worn Down universal joints

These U joints are vital in keeping vehicles running well. They are exposed to a lot of pressure and stress so wear and tear is inevitable. Some of the symptoms of a failing joint include excessive vibration while driving. This will be particularly apparent when accelerating. Sometimes this is accompanied by a squeaking sound which while the car is in motion. Have the car checked by a competent professional to be sure. Adjustments may be all that is required if intervention is made early enough. A complete replacement may become necessary for advanced wear. Go to the best Universal Joints Birmingham specialist for best results.

Misfiring Spark Plugs

If the car will not start, then there is no room for any delays. Whatever is causing this issue must be found and dealt with immediately. The usual suspects include an empty tank, broken wires, and problematic spark plugs. The last ones are responsible for starting the combustion engine by igniting the compressed fuel inside it. If they fail to do this, then the vehicle will not be going anywhere. Misfiring spark plugs can also cause damage in the catalytic converter. Fuel economy will plunge and the engine power output will not be the same.

Broken Catalytic Converter

These converters make modern cars more eco-friendly than older models. Before they were invented, the environment suffered from the release of toxic fumes in large volumes. Walking around a big city was enough to make you sick as you inhaled this. Nowadays, these devices transform harmful gasses to more benign forms before they are released into the air. Cars no longer emit dark smoke and foul gasses are minimised. Inside are precious metals that are crucial in the conversion. That's why replacing broken ones can be quite expensive. It is a necessary cost that should be planned for in advance.

Faulty Oxygen Sensor

Cars have internal sensors that monitor important elements so that owners don't have to guess. For instance, there is an oxygen sensor that can measure the amount of fuel in the tank. It does this by checking the level of unburned oxygen in the exhaust. The car's central console receives this information and calculates the pertinent values. Just like any other part, sensor may become faulty and produce bad readings. The wrong information will lead to sub-optimal performance and reduced gas mileage. Have the vehicle repaired right away to prevent these side effects.